Snowmobile Alliance of Western StatesCutting through deceptions & misperceptions to protect YOUR RIGHT to ride!

Our Mission

To provide education regarding public lands policy and outdoor recreation ethics in order to preserve and protect access to traditional trails and terrain on public lands, so that future generations will be able to enjoy nature through snowmobiling as generations have done in the past.

Our Vision

The future of snowmobiling is under constant attack by the extreme preservationists who would like nothing more than to see our sport relinquished to the history books of yesterday. Through their misinformation and outright lies, they will stop at nothing to achieve their self-serving goal.

We have a choice. We can bury our collective heads in the snow, and pretend this problem is not occurring, or we can band together and fight for our right to snowmobile. By uniting the voices of thousands of snowmobilers throughout the western United States together into one organization, we can win many of these battles and protect our form of recreation.

Through the sharing of experiences with snowmobilers from multiple states, we will learn of past successes (and failures) to ensure that upcoming land use issues are dealt with swiftly and appropriately. And by bringing this magnitude of snowmobilers throughout the west together on our electronic communication highway, under one umbrella, we can make a difference.

Our Principles

SAWS has only one priority - to keep our riding areas open. Our purpose is not to be a social outlet but rather as activists whose combined knowledge and strengths will benefit the greater snowmobiling community. We will focus on preventing riding areas from being shut down due to changes in land use designations that are detrimental to snowmobiling.

SAWS believes that we currently have enough designated wilderness in this country to support the small percentage of recreationists that wish, or are allowed to, visit these areas. We do not support adding additional lands as wilderness. Presently there are over 109.5 million acres of designated wilderness, of which the majority is located in the western United States. And there are millions more acres of land that the extreme preservationists are attempting to add to these current acres of existing wilderness. As we are sure that you are aware, motorized and mechanical forms of transport are not allowed in wilderness areas.

SAWS supports multiple use recreation of our national forests, and does not support exclusive designations that eliminate one form of recreation in favor of another. Therefore we do not support the forest service practice of recommending areas for wilderness designation, and closing these areas to snowmobiling while they await wilderness designation approval from Congress.

SAWS supports Webster's definition of a compromise. That is; "a settlement in which each side makes concessions". We do not believe in coming to the table to discuss how much we are willing to give up. Instead, we believe the discussions need to start from the standpoint of what new areas they are willing to open for snowmobilers, in exchange for closing an area currently open to snowmobilers.

Our Objectives

Our state representatives will communicate with our members through email to inform them of issues of importance that need immediate action. We will also provide FYI land use information to our members for education purposes.

We will provide detailed information on how snowmobilers from each of these states can help with land use issues that need attention in your favorite riding areas.

Our Request

There are several ways you can help support our efforts:

  • Make a donation
    • SAWS is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization - there are no paid positions.
    • We work very hard to keep our costs minimal yet there are always operational expenses involved.
    • Financial generosity is always appreciated - DONATE HERE!
  • Become a SAWS member
    • We do not charge a fee to join - membership is FREE!
    • There are no regular meetings to attend that would incur unnecessary expenses.
    • Stay informed, be aware of changes taking place in YOUR favorite riding areas - SIGN UP HERE!
  • Become a SAWS National Forest Watchdog
    • We currently need more volunteer help to keep an eye on forests in your area.
    • As a SAWS National Forest Watchdog, your job will be to help keep us informed on any negative snowmobile access issues that may come forward and need our attention.
    • By having you, your club, or your organization be on the watch for changes in your favorite places to ride, we hope to increase our ability to respond more effectively - LEARN MORE HERE!

For more information about SAWS, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page...